Quality Policy

ALZEL Electronics who provides Labour,Production,Quality Control,Selection and Re-Work Services for Automotive has determined its Quality Policy for all functions and units in frame of following substances"


1-Providing efficient and high quality production controlled at each stage, customers oriented, with information and experience in production and service activities provided technological supply, optimal order & inventory management and “A class manufacturing, product, service and supply” by continuously improving by creating suitable selling policies which are fully compatible law and rule of law,

2- With the philosophy of "Everything should have a place, Everything must stay at its place" by investing every area and function, possible additional cost issues of Disciplined and Consistent layout and with awareness of it is the right way to prevent loss of time creating positive reflections in general business environment and being a model in this regard,

3- Providing environment, “development, and training” to provide the motivation of the employees high, participants, sharing, creative and self-renewing Team Members,

4- Working with an identity of beautify the place where currently in and touches, sensitive to the cleanliness of the “environment and nature” and development, supporting recycling and against the unnecessary consumption of natural resources and will be remembered with this reputation,

5- By acting with password of "Avoiding is cheaper and humane than pay." always seeing The Safety as a priority of at the highest level,

6- Encouraging all employees whatever the subject and task and responsibility first to act each other by '' Respectful", "Considerate and Tolerant" acting, always "Professionally" and within "Ethics" is our quality policy...